Indian Navy extends Persian Gulf stay .... Will not join US coalition

Indian Navy

New Delhi, July 19: The Indian Navy has extended its deployment  in the Persian Gulf region as tensions between Iran and Western nations continue to escalate.

The Indian Navy currently has two warships - which are backed by surveillance aircraft - in the Persian Gulf to protect merchant vessels.

However, according to media reports, Indian naval vessels will not join a military coalition led by the United States which is building up in the waters off the Iran coast near the Straits of Hormuz.

Almost a fifth of the world's oil produce moves through this region.

Indian navy warships have been escorting Indian-flagged vessels in and out of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman since June after attacks on tankers that the United States blamed on Iran and Iran-aligned fighters.

But the Iranian government has denied the charges.

The Indian Navy has traditionally operated close to its territorial waters. But it has conducted deployments across the Indian Ocean from the Malacca Strait in Southeast Asia to the coast of Africa, in a response to China's increasing presence in the region.

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