Indian models doing very well internationally: Coco Rocha

Bengaluru: Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha, also the global brand ambassador of USL-Diageo's #LoveScotch campaign, believes that Indian models are doing "very well" on the international platforms. Models like Ujjwala Raut and Lakshmi Menon have made India proud on the international platform, and Rocha asserts that it is because of their personalities. "Indian models are doing very well internationally. I hate to say the 'look of the season', but Indian models are all they (designers) are looking for now. They can't get enough (of them)," Rocha told IANS at the #LoveScotch event held here to celebrate World Whiskey Day. "Personality is important. You guys are very nice people. It is the biggest thing. You can have a beautiful face, but personality is the key. That's what people love about the culture here," she added. She also attributed good promotion to the rise of Indian models' popularity in the West. "I don't know how it works here. You promote your models and designers very well. When it comes to countries taking care of their own models, they are not doing it well." Rocha also said that social media has given models like her a "voice" to express themselves. "When I started modelling, there was no social media. Then later I realised how it would give me a voice. I am very happy that we have it. It shows that models are also people worth following for their personality, their brains and the causes they stand for," she said. "It shows how hardworking they are. There are a lot of hard working people and people deserve to see their talents," she added. Would she like to work with some Indian designers? "For sure! I can't tell you with who right now, but I hope to have local designers," Rocha said.