Indian Army is planning this change

New Delhi, May 15: The top brass of the Indian Army are planning certain changes in the uniform of the 13 lakh strong force.

According to reports in the media, top army officials have met recently to discuss suggestions on the issue.

The suggestions include changes in both the combat uniform and the peacetime version.

The Indian Army made changes to its uniform only three times in the past. The biggest change was when the colour of the uniform was changed from khaki to the current olive green one. The change was done to distinguish Indian soldiers from their khaki wearing counterparts in the Pakistan army.

But those were relatively minor changes. These would be the first major changes if implemented.

The army authourities are currently studying uniforms of armies around the world before deciding on the changes.

The army topp brass are reportedly of the opinion that the current terrycot uniform becomes uncomfortable in hot and humid conditions. The Indian Army used to sport cotton uniforms earlier, but it was change due to mainteinance issues.

One key change may be made in the way in which the rank insignia (epaulette) is worn on the uniform. These identify the rank and regiment of a soldier. At present, army officers display their rank insignias on the shoulders while the jawans wear the insignias on the side of their arms.

There are suggestions that these may be moved to the chest of the soldiers, similar to way the insignia is displayed in some other major armies, including the USA and Pakistan, who wear wear the rank insignia over the top buttons in combat fatigues.

There may be changes to the belt as well. Since the buckle is bigger than your usual belt, it may become uncomfortable. It may also be moved to the inside of the uniform to make the uniform smarter and more comfortable.

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