Indian American Congressman's father sentenced over election fraud

New York: A US federal judge sentenced Babulal Bob Bera, the 83-year-old father of the only Indian American Congressman, Amerish Ami Bera, on Thursday to a year and a day in prison for fraudulently funding his son's election campaigns. Babulal Bera had earlier admitted before federal Judge Troy L. Nunley in Sacramento, California, that he had illegally contributed $268,726 to the election campaigns in 2009 and 2011 through fraud. Before he was sentenced, Babulal Bera asked the court to consider an option for him to stay with his 82-year-old wife, CBS Sacramento reported. "I know I cannot survive without her and she will not survive without me," he told the judge. "The defendant's efforts were calculated. This is more than just a naive person who doesn't know how elections work," Nunley said as he imposed the sentence on Babulal Bera, a retired chemical engineer, The Los Angeles Times reported. The judge set aside the recommendation of a probation officer not to give Babulal Bera a prison sentence because of his age and health but only fine him $30,200, The Sacramento Bee reported. Probation officials suggest punishments after studying the background of the convicted persons and their circumstances. Federal prosecutors demanded some prison time for him citing "the serious nature of the crime". The judge also fined him $100,000 and ordered three years of restrictions after his release.