Political career of Jayalalithaa was all about sharp rises, steep falls


Political career of Jayalalithaa was all about sharp rises, steep falls

New Delhi: In her political career, Ms. Jayalalithaa faced nine elections and has won seven.  Let us look at her political career which had sharp rises and steep falls.

Political Career

    * 1983 Appointed propaganda secretary of AIADMK
    * 1984 Nominated to the Rajya Sabha . MGR hospitalised in the US following a stroke. He also undergoes a kidney transplant. Jayalalitha writes to then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and Tamil Nadu governor, S.L. Khurana , saying she should be made interim chief minister in MGR's absence. This upsets MGR.
    * 1985 MGR returns from the US
    * 1986 Forms Jayalalitha Peravai (Conference), a parallel outfit. Sacked from her AIADMK post.
    * 1987 MGR passes away.
    * 1988 AIADMK splits into two factions. One backs MGR's widow Janaki and the other, Jayalalitha . Jaya elected MLA.
    * 1989 Alleges her saree was pulled in the assembly by DMK minister
    * 1991 Wins general elections in alliance with the Congress. Made Tamil Nadu CM.
    * 1992 Acid thrown at IAS officer Chandralekha , allegedly over SPIC disinvestment, hits national headlines. Lawyer Shanmuga Sundaram of DMK brutally beaten up in 1993.
    * 1995 Presides over controversial lavish wedding of foster-son V. Sudhakaran , bosom buddy Sashikala’s nephew
    * 1996 Loses power to the DMK
    * 2001 Did not contest elections because of her entanglement in corruption cases. But AIADMK returns to power with a huge majority; becomes chief minister. After SC strikes down her appointment, O. Paneerselvan named interim CM.
    * 2003 Supreme Court acquits her. Contests mid-term poll and wins. Becomes CM again.
    * 2004 Case filed against The Hindu for breach of privilege of state assembly turns into a freedom of expression issue
    * 2004 Shankaracharya of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham arrested after the murder of a math ex-accountant
    * 2006 Loses the elections. DMK comes to power
    * 2011 comes back o power introduces welfare schemes  under brand name 'Amma', such as Amma Water, Amma Pharmacy, Amma Unavagam
* Jayalalithaa is sentenced to 4  years in jail and fined Rs. 100 crores by the Special Court in Bangalore in the disproportionate assets case. She loses CM post once again.  Panneerselvam is elected as Chief Minister.
*2016 comes out of jail and again sworn in as CM

Goddess, Me

    * Senior leaders routinely prostrate themselves at her feet, notwithstanding their age and political standing
    * Newspaper advertisements put out by partymen describe her as the “lighthouse of peninsular India” and the godmother and saviour of Tamils
    * A party secretary of Madras once declared himself dead and went through the cremation rites to bring her prosperity
    * A woman party MLA with supporters dressed only in neem leaves went in procession to a temple outside Chennai to ward off evil spirits from their leader
    * A minister in her cabinet ate rice served on the ground at a temple to ensure a long life for the Puratchi Thalaivi

Colour of corruption

    * TANSI land deal case: Land acquired for state body sans public interest. Jaya Publications and Sasi enterprises gained Rs 3.5 crore and Rs 55.88 lakh .
    * Coal import case: Inferior grade coal imported for state electricity board at escalated prices. Fraud put at Rs 117 crore .
    * Pleasant Stay Hotel case: Kodaikanal : all objections by local bodies overruled by Jayalalitha as CM
    * 40 properties across Chennai belonging to friend Sashikala and her relatives was identified by investigating agencies.

Trapeze artiste

    * AIADMK wins 1991 poll in alliance with Congress following Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination
    * Ties up with BJP in 1998, but pulls out after Vajpayee declines to bail her out of court cases
    * Attends Sonia Gandhi’s famous tea party in 1999 but slams her foreign origin in 2002
    * Cosies up to Congress after 2004 debacle, but BJP now said to be again interested in her


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