PM’s Birthday: Why PM Modi adores his mother Hiraba

PM’s Birthday: Why PM Modi adores his mother Hiraba

New Delhi, Sep 16: The living female closest to PM Narendra Modi’s life is his 97-year-old mother Hiraba who lives with his brother Pankaj in Rayasan town on the outskirts of the state capital Gandhinagar. 

Whenever Modi is in Gujarat he makes it a point to visit his mother.

Last year also Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited his mother Hiraba and took her blessings on his 66th birthday.

Modi spent around 30 minutes with his mother before spending rest of the day with tribals and divyangas.

Born on September 17, 1950, Modi makes it a point not to celebrate his birthdays with flowers and sweets. Instaed he likes keeping in a very low key affair and be amidst needy and poor.

On several occasions PM has expressed how his mother is behind all that he is today. PM’s moving odes to his mother’s sacrifices is imprinted on every Indian’s memory. Tales of her sacrifices, how she even worked in other people’s homes to make both ends meet are equally moving.

In Hiraba one sees the reflection of the sacrifices made by all Indian mothers who have gone out of the way to make their children worthy citizens of the country. The tales of PM’s mother and her endeavors in the making of the Prime minister of the world’s biggest democracy are stuff great legends are made of.




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