PM's B'day: Modi's simplicity makes a style statement fashionistas love

PMs Bday: Modis simplicity makes a style statement fashionistas love

New Delhi, Sep 16: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with his utmost simple living style makes a fashion statement across the world. This is a paradox, how he makes a fashion statement with his simple life? Actually PM Modi is a Yoga enthusiast which gives him a fit body and a bright glow on his face. And therefore whatever he wears suits him and he is able to make a fashion statement even out of his simple clothing.

Modi is very fond of typical Indian wear kurta and dhoti or pyjama and that too of khadi. The fabric can be cotton or silk but it is a khadi product.
The colour combination is very smart and gels with his persona very well. 

Even three major U.S. publications — Time, New York Times and the Washington Post — have lauded the Indian Prime Minister’s dressing style from his “trademark Modi Kurta” to his tunic.

The New York Times in an article titled ‘A Leader Who Is What He Wears’ says that “even by the standards of a world that has seen blogs devoted to Michelle Obama’s dress sense, the pre-election makeovers of Francois Hollande and Dilma Rousseff, and the canonisation of Nelson Mandela’s shirts, the image-craft of India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi — and its fashion fallout — has been something of a case study.”

It says that even by “India’s standards where leaders have perhaps understood the use of clothing as a communication device better and longer than any of their international peers...Modi stands out. Literally and strategically.”

TheWashington Post also lauds Mr. Modi’s dressing style, saying, “Move aside, Michelle Obama. The world has a new fashion icon. And no, it’s not Vladimir Putin, despite his fitness regimen — it’s India’s new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.”

“Narendra Modi is apparently the next big thing in Indian fashion,” the Time magazine said in an article.

“With his shortened tunic, or ‘Modi Kurta,’ Narendra Modi is becoming as celebrated for his style sense,” it says.

The kurtas and jackets worn by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been a much discussed subject for sometime now, especially in Gujarat, where they have become a rage among the youngsters who are opting to wear them during grand occasions. Right from the time Modi became Prime Minister, orders for Modi jackets and kurtas have grown manifold. A large numbers of NRIs settled in US, Canada, UK on a visit to city buy them.

Youth feel Modi has managed to set a fashion trend. Even designers say there has been a craze for koti, kurta and churidar pyjama. They say sales of the jackets have surged after Modi became Prime Minister.

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