PM Modi is staying at one of world's safest suite

PM Modi is staying at one of worlds safest suite

Prachi Bhardwaj, Jerusalem: PM Narendra Modi who is presently in Israel will sleep well today. The Indian Prime Minister has been housed at world's most secure suite.

According to the director of King David Hotel, Sheldon Ritz, PM Modi's suite is secured against bomb attacks and chemical attacks. "If the entire hotel is bombed, PM's suite will be untouched, will come down in a pod," Ritz said.

After hosting every US president from Clinton to Trump, Sheldon is incharge of the entire PM's visit and has cleared out 110 rooms of the hotel to accommodate PM and his delegation. Every arrangement has made according to PM Modi's lifestyle. The staff has taken care of PM's 'vegan' habits and thus made sure that cookies in his suite are eggless and sugarless.

Modi's suite has its own kitchen too. "I believe he is eating Gujarati food, We got a list of food ingredients necessary to cook Indian food for the Prime Minister. The ingredients are all kosher because in this hotel all food has to be kosher," Ritz said.

Rina Pushkarna leads the kitchen and cooks for PM Modi's palate. Commenting on the Indian spicy food, Ritz said,"It's all very spicy! Our hotel has been filled with the aroma of spices these last few days. Wonderful". Not only the food, but the flowers are also taken care of as per the wants of the Indian delegation.

King David Hotel is part of Dan Hotels which are somehow connected to Elbit Systems that make the drones and the avionics. The first Dan Hotels in India is coming up in Bangalore, though it will not be that secure.

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