Phew! Ranveer will do it for 24 hrs Non-Stop

Phew! Ranveer will do it for 24 hrs Non-Stop

New Delhi, Jan 19:Ranveer Singh, also known as the power bank of energy will be going to a test for justifying this title.The actor will have no sleep on January 25 as he will be shooting for 'Gully Boy' and a brand campaign on the same day.

According to the source, first, he will shoot 'Gully Boy' for 12 hours in Dharavi and next 12 hours for the brand campaign's commercial because the company wants it to launch to the earliest as possible.That's not the end, the previous day, too, he will have a 14-hour working day.

The source added, When it comes to his work, you never see Ranveer worn out, but this will be a new achievement for him. It might be a restless schedule, but knowing his energy levels it won’t be tough for him to pull it off.


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