Petrol price will vary from pump to pump from today

Petrol price will vary from pump to pump from today

New Delhi: Come Friday and there will be major changes in the policy of pricing petrol and diesel. The prices of the petrol will not only vary every day, it will also vary from one petrol pump to another petrol pump. 

Oil dealers will get the new price of the next day by 8 PM every day.

Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum and Indian Oil are all set to implement this change from Friday itself. The consumer will have to check the price of the day at each petrol pump which will fluctuate 15 paise to and fro depending on the market forces.

Depending on the transportation cost within a city, there will be a price difference of around 5 to 10 paise.

Besides this, the oil company might decrease the cost further to survive in a local market, if a competing unit is selling fuel at a lower price.

To help the consumer fight any anomaly, name and contact number of the oil company's field officer will be displayed at the petrol pump. If a consumer finds an irregularity in the pump unit or if the pump doesn't display price change, he can immediately call the field officer and action will be taken in 24 hours.


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