People were killed in an Islamic State Struck bomb in north Syria


People were killed in an Islamic State Struck bomb in north Syria

Nearly 50 people were killed in an Islamic State truck bomb in north Syria and aid groups have warned that hundreds of thousands of civilians face starvation in Aleppo as government forces tighten a siege on the city.

These forces are now in full control of the interiors of the city, the state news agency reported.

“Today there is no way at all to bring anything into Aleppo,” Rami Abdulrahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, told Reuters.

Government troops have repeatedly used sieges to help starve cities into submission. Human rights groups fear the tactic will be deployed in Aleppo, where up to 300,000 people are living in areas under rebel control.

Food supply will replenish in weeks, a group of 24 aid agencies working on the ground warned, and

regime bombing raids have targeted several of the remaining hospitals in the city.


One of many solutions is provided by the US military in which it announced that it was launching a formal investigation into an airstrike on 19th July in which a large volume of people are thought to have been killed. The death toll in an attack near the besieged city of Manbij remains to be sorted out but the UK-based monitoring group Airwars has concluded that at least 74 people died.


The UN’s top Syria envoy also said it is hoping to restart intermittent peace talks aimed at ending the five-year war. 


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