"People wanted to see Atalji and Modiji as PM even before they became one"

People wanted to see Atalji and Modiji as PM even before they became one

New Delhi, Nov 27: It truly was a stormy and interactive session at the News24 Conclave Jashn e Youngistan. The youth cutting across gender and party lines were voicing their opinion in a somewhat thunderous and high-pitched tone, though  the concern was common:  the unease and disquiet was for all national issues concerning India. While the representatives of the Opposite parties were skeptic about the government's work and initiatives, the BJP, represented by Sudhnashu Trivedi was doing his best to defend the government.

Taking the Congress by its horn BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said that the Congress has missed the bus because it started nurturing bad politics, now they can never bounce back. BJP has an edge here, as it is just concerned about development and progress and does not get embroiled in petty politics.

The response was very quick and sharp from the Congress representative and young leader Ragini Nayak, "It can be seen how much the BJP is caring about the youth. It has cut the budget in educational activities and many PhD students are now not getting enough scholarship."

Pointing to the mass appeal of the BJP leaders Trivedi added, "Only Narendra Modi and Atal Behari Vajpayee were the ones whom the people of India wanted to see as a PM even before they became one." 

There were some uncomfortable questions from the audience for AAP leader Raghav Chadha, "None performance is as bad as bad governance, why no progress is seen in Delhi. Only a blame game is there to be seen. We did not vote AAP to power to see this non performance." Raghav Chadha was quick to respond, "We are trying our best on all issues related to Delhi. But security is one area which comes under the Delhi Police."

When grilled and attacked from all sides on issues related to employment, which is the major area of concern, Sudanshu Trivedi said that the government thinks out of box, it believes in self-employment and will give a helping hand to the youth of the country. "We want to change the typical and predictable mind-set of the youth of the country. The youth today is more concerned about growth and progress of the country and does not give any importance to caste politics,' he said.

Sandeep Mahapatra, who has been the Right-wing president of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union said, "Interestingly all other parties in India today target RSS and Hindutva to save their skin. Youth of India is concerned about Ram Temple and  the Samajwadi party has hurt their sentiments.Congress has always been concerned about just one family and its progress."


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