Parrikar slams section of media opposed to note ban


Parrikar slams section of media opposed to note ban

Panaji: Flaying a section of the media for being anti-Modi and therefore critical of demonetisation, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Sunday said while even uneducated people can understand the purpose of demonetisation, some media persons can't.

Citing an incident, he said that a TV reporter was recently given a tit for tat by a humble Delhi-based chat-wallah on the issue of hardships caused by the announcement of scrapping of high-denomination notes.

Parrikar recounted watching a TV news report, in which a reporter, "who continues to seek out people claiming to face hardship", asked the chat-wallah if demonetisation was affecting his business.

The chat-wallah, the minister said, initially said that customer footfalls had dropped. "There is no change for Rs 2,000," he said.

This made the "reporter who is against Modi government happy", Parrikar said.

"Then the reporter asked the chat-wallah, 'How long will you tolerate this hardship?' The chat-wallah said '50 days and I will tolerate it'. He also said that it has been done for a good reason and will have a good impact," the minister said.

Even a poor person, whom we consider less educated, has got the message, Parrikar said, adding that efforts are on to ensure that people's cash problem end at the earliest.


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