Parineeti Chopra Chopra obsessed with SAIF, Kareena furious

Parineeti Chopra Chopra obsessed with SAIF, Kareena furious

New Delhi: Parineeti Chopra is a bindaas actress and doesn't mind stepping on too many toes when she is in a 'good' mood. And on Neha Dhupia's talk show she was in a good mood and therefore gave many headlines to media, from talking on her blessed 'breast area', to taking a dip in a tub of Nutella with Ranveer Singh to her obsession with Saif Ali Khan, she went on and on. 

Asked about her obsession with Saif, she said", "I used to collect these chips packets on which Saif had a picture and I was obsessed with him. And every time I meet him and even when I've met Bebo, I only talk about how I'm obsessed with Saif. I used to neatly stack them up and lock them in my steel cupboard I remember we used to have. And till today, those packets are very much there!"

And she also spilled beans on her lesser known aspects of life, about her relationship with Rani Mukherjee. She said, "I was her PA just for one day. It was the best day of my life! Because she was my favourite and she was going to my favourite reality show Bigg Boss and in fact, I got to spend 1.5 hours driving to Khandala with her. And in fact, she told me that you know, you have it in you to become an actress. You should become an actress. I was like wow, Rani Mukerji, my idol is saying this to me."


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