Ladakh Standoff: Sensational new details emerge of Galwan Valley clash

As soon as the Galwan Valley clash at the LAC in Ladakh is mentioned everyone remembers the night of June 15-16 when Indian army soldiers thrashed the PLA soldiers of China.

Ladakh Standoff: Sensational new details emerge of Galwan Valley clash

New Delhi: As soon as the Galwan Valley clash at the LAC in Ladakh is mentioned everyone remembers the night of June 15-16 when Indian army soldiers thrashed the PLA soldiers of China.

This was the first such incident in the area for the first time after years. On this day, the PLA soldiers of China had become very violent in their nefarious attempt to evict the Indian Army from the area. 

But the result was totally unexpected for the Chinese and the tables were turned on the PLA. China, which considered itself to be the most powerful military force in Asia, was left badly shaken after this incident. 

The reason for this was the killing of PLA soldiers by Indian Army personnel. Even though the Chinese government was hesitant to tell the world openly about this incident, but some people of China had exposed the lies of their government. 

However, such people were also put behind the bars of jail as a punishment. The latest example of this is the eight-month sentence given by one of China's famous bloggers to Qi Jiming.

Qi's fault was that he had exposed the information of the Chinese soldiers killed in this clash and at the same time passed comments on the PLA soldiers. Qi has 2.5 million followers on social media and he is known as an internet celebrity in China. 

However, Qi is not the only one to give information about the killing of Chinese soldiers in Galwan Valley. In the report submitted by US Intelligence, it was said that more than 40 PLA soldiers were killed in the clash with the Indian Army. A Russian agency had also given a similar report.

It took about eight months for China to accept this fact. In February 2021, the PLA admitted for the first time that four Chinese soldiers, including a battalion commander, were killed in Galwan, while a regiment commander was seriously injured. 

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However, the whole world believes that China also hid the exact number of soldiers killed in this statement. China has also given posthumous medals to the soldiers killed in this clash recently. In the meantime, under an agreement, both the countries had agreed to withdraw.

About 20 Indian soldiers were also martyred in the skirmish between the soldiers of India and China in Galwan on the night of June 15-16. Among them was Colonel Santosh Babu. On this night, a patrolling party of the Indian Army was inspecting the LAC when they saw saw Chinese soldiers inside Indian territory. The Indian soldiers requested the Chinese to go back, which the PLA soldiers refused. This eventually led to a fight.

Chinese soldiers attacked Indian soldiers with stones. According to the Indian Army, Colonel Santosh Babu had uprooted a tent of the Chinese PLA two days ago at the same place where the clash took place. Soldiers of both sides are not allowed to use weapons at the LAC.

Seeing the increasing intensity of the clash, the Indian soldiers asked for reinforcements immediately. For six hours, Indian soldiers fought Chinese PLA soldiers with stones and iron rods. In this clash, Colonel Santosh was badly injured and there he gave up his life. The martyrdom of their commanding officer caused anger among the Indian soldiers and they also gave a befitting reply.

After this, China, in its official statement the next day, terming the Galwan Valley as its territory, had termed the action of Indian soldiers as wrong. It was also given a befitting reply from the Government of India.

Even after about 10 months after the Galvan incident, tensions between China and India continued on this issue. India too was fully geared up to respond to any situation. In addition to the state-of-the-art fighter jets, even tanks were deployed on the border. 

The number of soldiers on the border was also increased. In the international world, the action of Indian soldiers in Galvan was justified. America clearly said that Indian soldiers have every right to defend their border. Therefore, the action taken in Galvan is completely justified.

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