Kylie Jenner gets new tattoo


Kylie Jenner gets new tattoo

New York: Reality TV personality Kylie Jenner has got a brand new inking by tattoo artist JonBoy at JonBoy Tattoo here.

The 18-year-old star had her right pinky finger inked by JonBoy over the weekend. She let fans take a look at the painful process by uploading some videos on Snapchat, reports 

She was seen lying on a chair as the tattoo artist started to work on the body art. JonBoy told Kylie that because "you're skin and bones", the process would be "so painful". 

In another video, Kylie told JonBoy that she would ink him. 

"I'm going to do it for you," she said to which the artist replied: "It has to be perfect." 

After her tattoo was done, she took over the tattoo gun and gave JonBoy a tattoo of a small K letter and a tiny crown. The two sported matching tattoos, which turned out to be a tiny "M". 

However, her action might get her in trouble because it could be considered a violation of the New York City Dept. of Health and Hygiene's code to give someone a tattoo without a licence. 

JonBoy then addressed the matter, saying that he hadn't been contacted by the health department. He also insisted that anytime he gets tattooed, it's a safe practice. 

"My professionalism and my tattooing -- I don't take it lightly," JonBoy stressed. 

"I wouldn't put anyone in harm's way. People who tattoo me are closely supervised."


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