Kunal Kapoor to conduct workshop for upcoming filmmakers

Kunal Kapoor to conduct workshop for upcoming filmmakers

Mumbai, Sep 29 (IANS) Actor Kunal Kapoor is gearing up to conduct a workshop for upcoming or aspiring filmmakers where he will address topics like how to pitch a film at The India Film Project here.

The fest's seventh edition will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

"It's a honour and privilege to be a part of the India Film Project. We are in a time where there is so much good content being generated and its great that Ritam Bhatnagar, the festival director, is providing an opportunity to filmmakers to showcase their work," Kunal said in a statement.

"I shall kickstart the two-day festival with a talk around how to pitch a film. This will primarily focus around the markets the film wishes to cater to, the target audience that the storyline attracts, the reliability factor with the audience and the connect its establishes, how crowdfunding is the democratization of capital and most importantly why the concept will be liked by the audience," he added.

Kunal will also conduct a workshop around crowdfunding for digital content, where he will talk on how a reward based crowd funding model works. 

"Now with web content being so wide, an individual need not wait for funds from investors and businesses to kickstart his idea. Music videos, documentaries and innovative ideas require planning and a crowdfunding platform will guide the person. Eventually the idea is that an individual should be able to raise funds on his own without relying on anyone," Kunal added.

The event will have a lot of filmmakers and there will also be workshops, screenings and talks by experts. 

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