Krushna looks forward to collaborate with Kapil Sharma

Krushna looks forward to collaborate with Kapil Sharma

Mumbai: Actor Krushna Abhishek says he will definitely collaborate with Kapil Sharma even though they are perceived as strong competitors.

Krushna and Kapil's supposed rivalry dates back to last year when Kapil left Colors and started his series, "The Kapil Sharma Show", on rival channel Sony.

Krushna, who was hosting "Comedy Nights Bachao" then, in various interviews, had slammed Kapil's decision.

Though Kapil never directly commented on Krushna, he was seen taking digs at him on his show "Comedy Nighs Bachao." 

Asked if there is a possibility of any collaboration with Kapil in the future, Krushna told PTI, "Yes definitely. People would be waiting to see both of us on stage. I think that would be like Shah Rukh and Salman doing a film together. That would be a lot of fun. That time will definitely come." 

Krushna says as far as standup comedy is concerned, Kapil is number one but it would be interesting to give him tough competition in acting.

"I want to work with him because he is a great stand up comedian. I think he is a better standup comedian than all of us, as far as standup comedy is concerned.


"In acting, I could give tough (competition), but I consider him number one in standup comedy. It would be wonderful to share stage with him someday. I would love to.

Now I don't know what Kapil says," he further says.

Krushna is currently shooting for Sony Max's show "Bittu Bak Bak". The show is a comic relief filler, formulated as spoofs on iconic scenes from Bollywood. On the show, Bharti Singh is seen as a mischievous student 'Bittu' while Krushna features as a teacher.

The actor says it helps a lot for an artiste to work on a comedy sketch with known faces as it makes the process easier and a lot more positive.

"It's a lot of fun working with Bharti, it has been almost a decade now. The timing with her is fantastic. The show has a great concept and we started with Sony, so they know what kind of shows to make.

"We have been working for so many years. When you're familiar with people, your crew, it's much easier. Comedy is a thing where it gets better if you have positive energy around you," Krushna says.


The 33-year-old actor, however, doesn't belive that comedy can only be done by offending someone and says clean comedy can garner as much laughter.

"You can do comedy without roasting, insulting or offending someone too. You can say good things and make people laugh. In 'Bittu Bak Bak', we don't roast celebrities all throughout, it's just 'halka-phulka'. But the conversation between Bittu and his teacher makes you laugh.


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