'BJP govt has deep nexus': Rakesh Tikait on BKU split

Tikait said, ?The government is behind this. Government ministers are involved. Those who have gone must have been scared, the government must have scared.?

BJP govt has deep nexus: Rakesh Tikait on BKU split
Source: News24

Prabhakar Mishra, New Delhi:Post the disintegration of the Bhartiya Kisan Union into two separate entities, the face of the Farmer's protest Rakesh Tikait was much sought after for his reactions on the ntire trail of issues. It must be known that the Bhartiya Kisan Union were bifurcated into two entities Bhartiya Kisan Union (consisting of the Tikait brothers) and the Bhartiya Kisan Union (Apolitical) which is being chaired by Rajesh Singh Chauhan.

Following the series of events that led to speculation, Prabhakar Mishra of News 24 talked to Rakesh Tikait. On being asked what the reason of these people is creating a separate group, Tikait said, "The government is behind this. Government ministers are involved. Those who have gone must have been scared, the government must have scared.

He was further asked why these people who have long association with the Bhartiya Kisan Union have suddenly felt a need to work under a separate group? He was also asked that those who have moved to create a separate organization felt that the BKU was turning political, which was not the purpose when the Union was formed. He was further asked how many of the 7 people who have been dropped from the Union were aspirational to contest the elections?

Addressing these questions Tikait said, "3-4 people who left the organization wanted to contest the assembly elections; their bio data had come. They used to ask to get them tickets to contest the elections. I have mentioned to them that I cannot get you what you want. He also said that the people who have protested the three farm laws, which at end had to be repealed by the Indian government. I cannot understand how come people who have been part of such a long protest have suddenly turned their stance and started labelling the three farm laws as beneficial' for the farmers.

Tikait was further asked that once a tension rises among two groups or entities, it must be resolved. He said, "A movement is not run by any leader or post holder of any organization, it is only successful when it is run by the public. The Kisan Andolan' was led by the people of the villages"

Tikait was further asked, the ex-national vice president of the BKU had an organization's office in his name in Lucknow? What is the frenzy relating to this property?

Tikait said, "A court order was passed to demolish around 200 properties in the same order. The property in question was applied for recognition as the BKU headquarters. There is an organization's office in Lucknow in the name of Rajesh Chauhan, crores of rupees have been owed on it, they must have been intimidated. It doesn't matter if they leave. Many such people have been leaving the organization. Bharatiya Kisan Union is the main branch, when people do not get the idea, people leave.

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