India will become Hindu Pakistan if BJP wins in 2019..Shocker from Tharoor

New Delhi, July 11: Known for stoking controversies when there are none, Congress leader Shahshi Tharoor has done it again. Speaking in Thiruvananthapuram, Tharoor said that if BJP wins again in 2019, India will become Hindu Pakistan. Tharror added that the BJP will tear the prsent Constitution and make a new one based on the principles of Hindu Rashtra.  

 “The only thing that had stood in its way is a two-third majority in the Rajya Sabha,” said Tharoor. He was delivering a lecture on the 'Threats Faced by Indian Democracy and Secularism'. “They already have more than 20 states under their belt, so a Rajya Sabha majority looks near,” he added. “Now if they could muster what they managed during the last Lok Sabha polls, India is done for,” said the Congress leader. Taking on the RSS, he said that Sangh Parivar leaders like VD Savarkar, MS Golwalkar and Deendayal Upadhyay wanted to change the Constitution arguing that it was based on Western ideas and was written by English oriented people in the wrong language. “This was in a way true, but we also know that both the English and Hindi drafts of the Constitution are considered authentic,” said Tharoor. “They said that the Constitution should be discarded because it is based on the wrong idea of nation. The Constitution assumed the nation of India as a territory. Wrong, they said. The nation is a people, they argued. And the people are Hindus. The rest are essentially guests or interlopers. Christians and Muslims they considered bandits and dacoits,” he added.

Attacking Golwalkar Tharoor said that he said that "what Hitler did to Jews in Germany should be done to Muslims in India". “Even Deendayal objected to this, and said that instead they should be made to assimilate,” Congressman added. Tharoor questioned PM Narendra Modi's intention by asking why PM  had placed Savarkar's picture opposite Gandhiji's in Parliament. He said that PM calls Constitution a "Holy BooK", "but then, is the prime minister willing to question what his idols said about the Constitution?” . “I would have understood if Modi said he respected Upadhaya but disagreed with him on the Constitution,” Throor said.

To explain what real india means, Tharoor quoted an incident when he was a UN diplomat in 2014. “The 2004 Lok Sabha results were out, and the leaders and officials I had met were astonished at what India had managed to achieve. A party headed by an Italian lady (Sonia Gandhi), a Roman Catholic, had won. She gave way to a Sikh (Manmohan Singh) to be sworn in as prime minister by a Muslim president (A P J Abdul Kalam),” the senior Congress leader said. said. He said that 2004 wasw a coincidence and India was not trying to impress anyone, but for Tharoor, that is what India is all about. He said in government schools earlier, symbols of all religions were visible.  “It is by undermining this ethos, this essence of India, that Narendra Modi is trying to construct his New India,” Tharoor added.

News24 Bureau