India, Pakistan may not be keen on peace: Pakistani daily

New Delhi: It seems as if India and Pakistan are not interested in mending their strained ties "and are content with living in a state of perpetual animosity", a Pakistani daily said on Thursday. The Daily Times said in an editorial that the stalemate in relationship between the two countries was continuing even after the meeting of their foreign secretaries in New Delhi. "Unshifting positions and uncompromising demands characterize most of the official meetings of Pakistani and Indian officials, and this time proved no different," it said.  "It seems as if the two countries are not interested in mending ties with each other, and are content with living in a state of perpetual animosity.  "As no party is interested in ceding any ground to the other, the two states have resigned to issuing churlish statements that would only serve to exacerbate the situation," the daily said.  The editorial, however, said it was up to the two countries now to build up on this meeting and start a more meaningful dialogue among themselves.  "Both Pakistan and India need to realise that resumption of dialogue is necessary to improve relations. Hence, they should not lose sight of the bigger picture as they deal with their security concerns," it said.  "Militant and extremist groups have for long derailed peace process whenever it has come close to meaningful development.  "It is high time that these groups not be allowed a veto in the affairs of Pakistan and India. "The two states need to move away from the securitisation narrative and be more accommodating of each other’s concerns so that substantial improvements can take place."