India must teach the world the art of peace: Dalai Lama

Dharamsala: Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama today termed India as a "great knowledge hub", stating that the country must teach the world the art of peace.

"Tibetans follow the ancient Indian traditions in various fields till today. It is a treasure given to us by the country thousands of years ago," he told PTI.

He said the ancient Indian knowledge must be delivered and followed by the world as the "world today lacks peace and humanity." 

"The ancient Indian knowledge of keeping peace should be included as an academic subject in schools and colleges of the world," he suggested.

The Dalai Lama also underlined the role of media in spreading the message of peace.

"The media's role to educate the world about mental peace should be the first and the foremost," he said.

"Modernisation is the necessity of the present society but without peace of mind, it will move towards destruction.

So, we must avail the valuable ancient Indian culture to live in peace and harmony," he added.