India hockey captain Sardar Singh's girlfriend accuses him of 'attempt to rape'

New Delhi: India hockey captain Sardar Singh's girlfriend has filed a police complaint accusing him of attempt to rape.

The complaint was filed on February 1 at the Kum Kalan Police Station in the Ludhiana city.

According to reports, India-origin Britisher Ashpal Bhogal recently visited India to file the complaint against Sardar, she has alleged him of false promise of marriage.

In the complaint, she also accused Sardar of "blackmail, mental harassment and physical harassment."

According to reports, the girl met Sardar during the 2012 London Olympics.

She claims to have even visited Sardar's family at his native village in Sirsa and alleges that he is now "betraying" her.

"I and Sardar have been together for four years and I am his he is betraying me," the girl told ETV. "He used to love me a lot earlier, but now I am heartbroken. We should have been married by now but he is now not even answering my messages or phone calls for three months.

"I don't want to speak about his hockey career. I have no issues with him focusing on that, but what he has done to me is wrong," she said. "What's happening is not good. I am also a daughter and sister of somebody, and they are upset as well."

She said that when they got engaged at Sardar's village, his family too was in attendance.

"Sardar's family was there [at the time of engagement]. My parents and family couldn't come, but they had given their permission," said the girl.

Calling Sardar a "fraud", she said he even lied to her about his age and caste.

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