India could act as check to Pakistan's nuclear weapons

Washington, March 5: With Pakistan having a nuclear arsenal that could fall into wrong hands in the event of the south Asian country becoming unstable, neighbour India could act as a check, US presidential aspirant Donald Trump has asserted. Aspirant for the Republican Party nomination for the US presidency, Trump suggested the involvement of India if Pakistan goes unstable, emphasising that the country could go rogue despite there being some semblance of sanity at the moment when compared to North Korea. "India's the check to Pakistan. And you have to get India involved. They have their own nukes, they have a very powerful army. They seem to be the real checkmate," Trump was cited by Tolo news as having said during a presidential debate on Friday. "They seem to be the real group, and I would start talking at that level very, very quickly," Trump asserted. Trump also was of the view that US forces should remain in Afghanistan to protect the nuclear weapons of Pakistan. "I think you have to stay in Afghanistan for a while, because of the fact that you are right next to Pakistan, which has nuclear weapons and we have to protect that," he said, adding that "nuclear weapons change the game". While pointing towards the nuclear weapons that Islamabad possesses, Trump had last year also said that Pakistan was "a serious problem" if it became unstable in the future.