In Yogi’s state bride’s family threatened with talaq for not serving beef

New Delhi: The government may have come out with strong rules to shut down illegal slaughter houses, but for some old habits die hard. Afsana,a young girl who got married on April 22, would have never imagined that her in-laws plan to abandon her just because they were not served beef during the marriage, The incident took place in Bhairach of Uttar Pradesh.

When Afsana’s father went to her daughter’s house to meet her in-laws and to the final rituals of the marriage, he faced an awkward situation which shocked him. His in-laws threatened him that they will tell their son to give talaq to his daughter as they are very unhappy that beef was not served to the ‘barat’. They were also unhappy that neither a warm reception nor enough dowry was given in the marriage.

Nervous father has been running from pillar to post to save her daughter’s marriage and now pins his hope on CM Yogi Adityanath. Only he can save her home, he feels.