In Rs 2 get 100 MB hi-speed internet!

New Delhi, Nov 20: Ever since Reliance Jio launched it changed the way of data usage in the country. The company reduced data prices to such an extent that today 1GB 4G data per day seems nowhere, whereas pre-Jio era utilised same data for a month. But in a latest, it seems a 13-month old startup wants to beat Jio in its own game.

"Data cost in the country is very high at present and we believe that even after the launch of Jio there are a lot of opportunities for price wars that can happen and we are certain that we can drop the prices even further," says  Shubhendu Sharma, co-founder of Wifi Dabba. 

The startup backed up by Y Combinator has already come in the data price war and already selling data at a significantly low price like 100 MB for Rs 2; 500 MB for Rs 10; and 1 GB for Rs 20 - with a validity of 24 hours. If compared with Jio, Mukesh Ambani led company offers 150 MB at Rs 19 to its pre-paid customers and 1.05 GB at Rs 52.

The offered data can be availed in the form of pre-paid tokens sold by small shops like tea stalls and local bakeries in Bengaluru. The company doesn't ask to download an app, but users are just required to feed their mobile numbers, fill in the OTP for verification, punch in the key and connect to the internet. The process is similar to the process where one access Wifi in a hotel, whereas here users here need to connect to the Wifi Dabba network  

Registered as licensed ISP "Wifi Dabba" provides this data through small routers powered by fibre optics installed around the city

Cheap data, Fast data 

The company aims to provide "super cheap" data at "super fast" to the people who have only Rs 2 to spare. 

The company has already installed 350 routers across Bengaluru and the company claims that startup has over 1800 connection requests in-waiting.