In Rs 145 get 14GB 4G data, unlimited calls..Airtel super dhamaka

New Delhi: The telecom war is getting interesting. If you are a Jio user, the telecom war may confuse you. That's because Airtel has sprung a surprise for the over 10 crore Jio users .

 Airtel has cut its 3G/4G data price to Rs 10 per GB. This is what Jio Prime is offering. This is the cheapest that Airtel has ever offered. According to report in Economic Times, Airtel is offering 14GB 3G/4G data for a recharge of Rs 145. If you think that you can't use 30GB data in month, there is smaller pack which gives data at the same price. This plan also gives you unlimited Airtel-to-Airtel calls


If you want more, then for Rs 349 you will get aboove benefits plus unlimited calls to all networks. The Rs 349 pack gives you unlimited calls to all networks and 14 GB 4G data per month.Earlier, Airtel used to charge over rs 1,000 for this

Airtel packs, however, have daily cap of 0.5GB or 500MB. This means it can't be accumulated and used at once similar to Jio's Rs 303 plan. In case of Jio, however, the catch is that for the Rs 303 plan you have to first pay Rs 100 to become a Jio Prime member.