IIIT girl student commits suicide

Hyderabad: A girl student of International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Basara in Telangana committed suicide on Friday, police said.

Radha, a fourth year student, ended her life by hanging in her hostel room in IIIT, Basara in Nirmal district.

The girl hailing from Nalgonda district was under depression due to her poor performance in monthly test.

IIIT officials said the girl had gone home for few days but even after her return remained tense. She had started practising yoga to overcome the stress.

Radha attended classes Friday and friends said her behaviour was normal. However, in the afternoon she retired to her room saying she was not feeling well.

As she did not return for a long time, her friends went to her room but found it locked. As she did not answer repeated knocks, the staff peeped through windows and found her hanging.