Idea of ensemble cast appeals to Mila Kunis

Los Angeles:Actress Mila Kunis, who stars in the comedy film "Bad Moms" along with Kristen Bell, Jada Pinkett Smith and Christina Applegate, says the idea of an ensemble cast appealed to her. "I said I would play any of these parts. I wanted to do something I could relate to. The idea of an ensemble also appealed to me. I didn't want to be isolated and I wanted to do something fun," Kunis said in a statement.  Kunis said that she chose the film because it's an homage to the wives of the film's directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.  "Reading the script, you would think a woman wrote it, but talking to Jon and Scott, you realise it's an homage to their wives," she said.  "Bad Moms" also stars Kathryn Hahn, Annie Mumolo, Oona Laurence, Megan Ferguson among others. It's a story of mothers who have had enough of the expectations of parenthood.  Determined to finally let go of their inhibitions, the mothers set out to adopt their most unseemly wishes, that includes going to the movies, buying red hot sports muscle cars, and turning parent-teacher association meetings into raging keggers -- all while resisting a group of bake sale-loving perfect mothers led by Applegate, Pinkett Smith, and Mumolo. "Bad Moms" will be released by PVR Pictures in India on July 29.