I will not be vindictive, will go by consensus, respect Constitution...Modi promise after bumper mandate

New Delhi, may 23: Accepting the resounding poll victory, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday promised that he will not work with "bad intentions" and that he would like to move ahead by taking everyone along, leaving behind the bitterness witnessed during the Lok Sabha campaign.

Addressing the victory celebration at the party headquarters here, he said that the mandate won by the BJP-led coalition was the biggest development in the democratic world and reflected an abiding strength in democracy. 

"With bigger mandate, comes greater responsibility...I will not do anything with bad intention and and will do nothing for myself. 

"Who said what during the election campaign, for me it is past. We have to look to the future. We have to take everyone along in national interest. And despite such a majority, we will move with humility," Modi said. 

"In 2014, not many knew me. But you gave me a mandate. But in 2019, you gave me more strength after knowing me. I can understand the sentiment behind this. Increase in trust leads to increase in responsibilty," he added. 

In a virtual address to the nation, the Prime Minister promised that in the coming days, he would do nothing with bad intentions. 

"While working, there can be mistakes but I will not anything with bad intention. I will not do anything for myself. Third thing, every second of my time, every part of body is only for the nation. You keep judging me on these three parameters and criticise me if I do not measure up. But I want to assure you that whatever I say publicly, I will work to implement it," he said. 

Promising to take everyone along including the states, Modi said a government is formed by majority which has been done. "But the nation moves with consensus and democractic spirit." 

Modi said he will take his critics along with humility. 

"The people have filled the bag of this ascetic. I bow my head to 130 crore people of the country," he said.

-We had sought mandate for New India. People have accepted our appeal: Modi 

-I bow down before the people of India: Modi

-This is the biggest development in the a democracy across the world: Modi 

-Largest ever voting since Independence, reflects voter awareness: Modi 

-I want to thank EC, security forces for conduct of polls: Modi 

-This election was not contested by netas but by people of India: Modi

-If somebody has won it is Hindustan, democracy, people: Modi 

-BJP, NDA offers this victory at feet of people of India: Modi

-I assure all possible help to newly elected Govts under Constitution by following cooperative federalism: Modi

-We all BJP karyakartas believe in Bharat Mata ki Jai: Modi 

-Even when we 2, we never digressed from our path. We never stopped our hard work. This is speciality of BJP: Modi 

-We will never shed humbleness despite winning massive mandate: Modi 

-Political pundits have to get over the mindset of 20th century: Modi

-This is not Modi's victory: Modi 

- This victory is of helpless Indians who never got anything: Modi 

-This is victory of farmers, unorganised sector workers wo got pension, homeless and aspiring youth: Modi 

-This is victory of honest tax payer: Modi 

-Tax payer for the first time realised that money was being rightly used: Modi 

-This is victory for those crying for honesty: Modi 

-Secularism tag used to wash all your sins: Modi

-Now nobody is talking about secularism: Modi  

-This was first election when opposition could not hurl corruption charges. Price rise too was not an issue: Modi 

-This election has laid the foundation of New India with a bright future: Modi 

-We have laid a new narrative. It is end of caste games. Only two castes will be left in India, one is poverty and the other is of who want to take people out of poverty: Modi 

-This bumper mandate is a surprise for the entire world: Modi 

-Those hiding under mask of secularism have been exposed: Modi

-2019-2024 is time to honour freedom fighters. We should decide to get India of all problems during the period: Modi 

-Govt is formed by majority, country is run by consensus: Modi 

-We will move ahead with all our opponents with humility. We have to follow and work under Constitution: Modi 

-You have filled bag of this fakir with lot of expectations and aspirations: Modi 

-Constitution is supreme: Modi 

-Mandate has increased my responsibility: Modi 

-It is because of help of NDA members that I am here today: Modi 

-I will not be vindictive or work with ill-intention: Modi 

-I will not do anything for myself. My body and time is for people of India: Modi 

-I will try my best to walk my talk: Modi

News24 Bureau  

(With inputs from agencies)