I struggled with self-doubt: Cheryl

London, Feb 26: Singer Cheryl says she struggled with self-doubt as a teenager. 

The "Crazy Stupid Love" hitmaker, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Liam Payne, said the failures she had were the learning experiences, reported Female First. 

"My name's Cheryl and I'm from Newcastle. There was definitely a time when I struggled with self-doubt. I would say more so in my life when I was a teenager was when I first dreamed about experiencing those feelings of doubting yourself and doubting your decisions. I wasn't doing very well in school at all.

"There's moment in life when you might feel things as failure but they're actually just learning curves so you can't be afraid to fail ... You've got to experience stuff to feel that way and I'm definitely at a place now where I don't feel like I failed at things, I feel like I learn," Cheryl said. 

The 33-year-old singer went on to encourage people, who are going through similar situation, to speak up about it so they can get any help and support they might need. 

"There are absolutely options out there and steps you can take to better the way you're feeling. Don't ever just sit there feeling sad, feeling excluded, feeling in a horrible way. Don't ever feel alone because there's many of us out there that want to help," she said.