Husband catches wife in the act with a cop..

Hyderabad: A Sub-inspector, who was allegedly maintaining an illicit affair with a married woman at SR Nagar here, was arrested by the police after the woman’s husband caught them together and locked up both in a room.

According to Mohammad Waheeduddin, Inspector, SR Nagar, the two were reportedly in a relationship for the last nine months after meeting on Facebook. Both used to chat regularly on Facebook.

The relationship became intimate within a few weeks and he started meeting her secretly at her house, SR Nagar inspector Md Waheeduddin said. The woman's husband became suspicious about his wife's behaviour after noticing that she spent a lot of time on her phone. He then laid a trap for her. On Saturday, the software professional told her that he would be going out of station for three days. He then instructed the watchman of the apartment to alert him as soon as the 'visitor' came to the flat.