Hurriyat ready for talks; signs of cooperation emerging from the beleaguered Valley

Aasif Suhaf, Srinagar, June 24: Some signs of peace and co-operation are at last emerging from the beleaguered Valley which has been in major turmoil of late. There is certainly some thaw after Satya Pal Malik said on Saturday the situation in the valley had vastly improved over the past year and the Hurriyat Conference was willing to enter into a dialogue with the government.

Responding to the statement of Jammu Kashmir governor Satya Pal Malik Hurriyat leader Hilal War said, "Hurriyat Conference is ready to come on table for any meaningful dialogue with the government while welcoming the statement of J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik on the possibility of talks with Hurriyat. War said they are looking for Confidence Building Measures from the government and hopeful.

"The Hurriyat Conference was not willing to talk. Ram Vilas Paswan was standing at their door (in 2016), but they were not ready to talk," Malik said at a function here. "Today, they are ready for talks and want to hold dialogue. There is a change in everyone."Malik said the situation in Kashmir had improved ever since he took over as the governor last August, adding that recruitment of militants had almost stopped and stone-pelting incidents on Fridays had ended.

"I feel good that the temperature (of the situation) has come down significantly since the day I arrived here," he said."We do not feel good when a youth is killed, we want to bring him back. There is a lot of thought being given as to what kind of scheme is needed to bring them back," Malik said. "But when someone opens fire, the security forces will fire back. They would not present a bouquet of flowers."The governor hinted that it was not easy to assess the situation of Kashmir while sitting elsewhere in the country even if one had served or lived in the valley for some time."When I visit Delhi, there are so many people who claim to be Kashmir hand. I ask them when were you in Kashmir. They say 15 years ago," he said. "Kashmir changes in 15 days, you do not know anything. If you want to know Kashmir, live there and see it."Malik said when he came to the state he decided not to listen only to intelligence people.With Agencies, Pic Google