How to customize your Global Brand

            Customization is vital in global marketing if you want to increase sales, broaden brand awareness and boost your SEO. But, while you may have heard the term a lot, can you state with absolute confidence what it actually means? Many people get confused between translation and localization, and it isn’t hard to see why. But, while translation takes care of the words and maybe even uses a little creative license with the copy, localization goes way deeper. Your global marketing strategy should be thought out beyond getting your website translated into different site versions and areas. After all, you want a marketing message that speaks to the person’s personal values, and isn’t a diluted version of it that barely makes sense. Your website is the very cornerstone of your global marketing strategy. Failure to localize it for different regions and your global marketing will have little success.

               Firstly, identify the markets you are going to target.  Take the help of Google Analytics to find out which countries are currently bringing you organic traffic. That way you’ll know in which countries you already have a strong online presence or good potential of it and in which you’ll have build your audience from scratch. Also, study the behavior of your international visitors. To do that, get the help of            professional transcreators. Transcreators are bilingual linguists with marketing specialization. Bilingualism is required so they will understand source concepts and how they may parlay into in-country concepts. They must be in-country in order to have intimacy with your target culture. Only a true local can do this work. These resources should actually belong to your target demographic.

                Secondly, the more active you are on social media, the better your chances of building a permanent audience. But people tend to spend more time on some channels than others. That's why you have to use everything at your disposal to promote your content. Every time you write a new blog post or produce a new video, share it across every channel you can think of. Include a captivating headline to introduce it to potential readers. You don't have to spend an afternoon doing this, though; using tools like HootSuite, you can publish across various platforms in a little time.

                    Focus on success and success only in your global marketing strategy and look for researched, accurate customization. This is key. Make sure that you keep your brand name and values intact, while appealing to a wider audience. Know that simple translation is not enough, you need to dig deeper and think and feel like your target market. Live their lives – focus on their spending habits.  As a global brand you might be called a dreamer for penetrating into untapped markets, however, you are the brands that don’t get any sleep! Dream on!