THIS is how one person transformed a drought hit Bundelkhand village

Krishanand Baba

Hamirpur (Uttar Pradesh), July 11: Hit by a severe drought, just like the most of India, the whole of Bundelkhand is thirsting for each and every drop of water.

The government is spending money like water to bring water to this thirsty region. But there is no visible improvement in the situation on the ground.

But among all this, a single person has changed the entire scenario of the region and has created a new example in the field of water conservation.

Krishanand Baba has had only one passion over the last two years - to dig ponds. With a turban on his head and a shovel in his hands, he has been following his passion come what may.

People used to consider him mad, but Baba did not give up and used to spend entire nights in digging the pond.

As a result of Baba's tireless efforts over nearly two years, today this pond is full of water and has become a lifeline for the people of the area.

Baba has managed this entire feat on his own. There was only one thought in Baba's mind when he took  up a shovel to dig the pond - that every year there is drought in Bundelkhand. The situation becomes so bad during summer that people tend to crave for even one drop of water.

In fact, some of the ponds in Pachkhura village of Sumerpur block in Hamirpur are about 200 years old. But these used to be constantly dry. every year their depth was decreasing. After which Krishanand Baba took the lead in digging this old dry pond alone.

After Baba's tireless attempt, the pond is now full of water. However, Krishananand still does not consider his task to be finished.

Now the question arises that when a single person can do such a difficult job, why cannot the government and administrative machinery that claims to spend crores of rupees able to fulfill this task?

Rajesh Soni

Photo: Google Image