How Miss World Manushi will help Haryana!

New Delhi, Nov 28  Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar feels happy to see that people of Haryana are looking at women differently and says that her beauty pageant win will "definitely" bring about a change and will encourage girls from her state.

"I think when women or people from any community do well , it is a very big encouragement for all the girls especially in a place like Haryana which people presume that women are looked down upon but now the map is changing ," Manushi told IANS when asked how her win will give a new life to the girls of her state. 

She added that most of the achievers in her state are women.

"I am happy that people from Haryana are looking differently at women now. Yes there was not much of participation towards beauty pageants from my state but now the map is changing and I am happy that girls are becoming beauty queens," she added.

She returned to India last week with the crown and was accorded a warm welcome at the international airport here. She landed in the Capital on Tuesday to address the media. 

The Miss World 2017 was accompanied by her medico parents Mithrabasu and Neelam Chhillar along with her brother and sister to address the media, here. She was also joined by Julia Morley, chairwoman of Miss World. 

Morley told IANS that Manushi's Beauty with a Purpose initiative under which she took up the mantle to spread awareness about the important issue of menstrual hygiene, gave her an edge over other contestants. 

"We had a very strong Beauty with the Purpose project and a large number of people judge that. We were very pleased that India came in top five which I think was an interesting part because her purpose was very close. I am happy that she won for the right reason," she said.

Looking elegant in a Tarun Tahiliani suit, her victory will help her project grow more.

"After winning, I was able to collaborate with local manufacturers of sanitary pads...With Miss World pageant supporting me, I can take this to next level," said the 20-year-old who also wants awareness about nutrition in Indian women.

"I feel that the health of the mother is the health of the society. I'm happy that I grew up in a family where my mother gave importance to health and nutrition. In fact my parents run an NGO where they provide nutrition supplements to more than 500 women and as a medical student, it is absolutely necessary to put light on nutrition of women because in India the maximum cases of anaemia is there," she said.