'How can you call rahul Gandhi a 'Pappu' asks an angry Rahul fan pouncing on a BJP MP

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Dec 3: A BJP MP was in for a problem, as he would not have imagined that the 'Pappu' word that he uttered casually would make him apologise publicly. It all happened when BJP MP Devajibhai was addressing a gathering in Rajasthan's Banswara. A lady by the name of Sita Damor went on stage and asked him to fill the potholes on the area's road. to this Devajibhai belittled her request and instead said 'ask you Pappu to do this.'And after this, all hell broke loose and Sita Damor confronted the erring politician and asked him how can he call Rahul Gandhi a Pappu.A video is going viral where she questions the BJP leader how could he disrespect a national leader.Damor is seen questioning Devajibhai angrily,"How did you say Pappu? How dare you use the word Pappu? Tell me, how can you use that word?"

When Devajibhai responded that everyone refers to Congress President Rahul Gandhi in this way, Devajibhai got angry further. "If everyone falls into a pit, would you fall in too? If he (Rahul) is respectable, he should be respected. We refer to Prime Minister Narendra Modi with 'Shri' out of respect. How can you call another leader by that name?"Damor later defended her outburst by saying she could not have let the insult to the Congress president go unchallenged. "He said 'Pappu ko bulao, Pappu gaddhe bharega (call him, he will fill potholes).' It is wrong. So I objected. How can he call out Rahul Gandhi 'Pappu.'?"