House of Muslim Yoga Teacher attacked again, in front of media

New Delhi, Nov 11: Despite local administration, police and media doing its best to check looming danger on the young Yoga teacher from Ranchi Rafia Naz, there are few miscreants who just won't listen.
The young Muslim teacher is being hounded by the fanatic elements for daring to teach Yoga despite being a Muslim.

She has received threats by some people from her own community, after which the administration has decided to increase her security. She came into public focus when her photos of her doing yoga with Baba Ramdev went viral.

Some fanatics from her community did not like this and as per reports, threatened her on Tuesday, not to teach yoga to anyone. Soon, this matter came to the attention of Jharkhand Chief Minister’s Principal Secretary Sanjay Kumar.

Ranchi’s senior superintendent of police, Kuldeep Diwedi subsequently dispatched a police force to meet Rafia. Later as per a report issued by Jharkhand police, she has been given two bodyguards.

What is worrying her parents is the fact that she has to appear for her M. Com exams and the entire episode has left her and her family restless. Rafia is the eldest among her siblings and teaches yoga for a living.

Rafia appears to be upset both with Muslims as wll as with Hindus. She says, on one hand she is being threatened not to teach yoga and on the other hand she is being asked to change her name so that people don’t hesitate before learning yoga from her.

Reacting to the incident, Ramdev today said, ''From Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan to Saudi Arabia so many Muslims practice Yoga. It is an exercise which is good for mental and physical wellness.''

''Religion shouldn't be brought into this,'' Ramdev said while reacting to reports of stones being hurled at Rafia Naaz's house in Ranchi.
Earlier, Maulana Saif Abbas, a prominent Shia cleric, has come out in her support.

"What is wrong if some woman teaches yoga?" Shia cleric Maulana Saif Abbas had said while referring to the fatwa issued against Naaz.

"Protesting this is highly condemnable," he said, adding, "Some people have made religion a joke."

All this stone pelting took place when she was being interviewed by media.

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