Horror in shiv-raj.. 10-year-old gangraped for months

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Bhopal, Nov 17: A 10-year-old girl was gangraped here many times in the last few months by three men, who took the help of a woman to lure her each time. The four have been arrested, police said on Friday.

Jahangirabad Superintendent of Police Bhartendu Sharma told IANS that the girl lives in Jahangirabad area. While on her way to school, she would be offered toffees by a woman, who lives in the neighbourhood. The woman would then hand over the girl to the three men. This went on for months.

The girl fell ill one day and told her mother, who works as a domestic help, of her ordeal. The mother took her to the police station and registered an FIR.

On the basis of the complaint, the police arrested Gokul Chaurasia, Nanhu Lal and Gyanendra and the woman who helped them.

The incident comes weeks after a college student was raped by four men in Bhopal. Despite being the daughter of a policeman, she had to struggle to get her complaint registered. The four accused were later arrested.