Hope Urjit Patel has spine and shows PM his place: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Nov 19: Ahead of the RBI board meeting this morning, Congress president Rahul Gandhi tweeted, " @RahulGandhi Mr Modi and his coterie of cronies, continue to destroy every institution they can get their hands on. Today, through his puppets at the #RBIBoardMeet he will attempt to destroy the RBI. I hope Mr Patel and his team have a spine and show him his place."The Reserve Bank of India board meeting began this morning amid an atmosphere of mistrust over what the central bank perceives to be government interference in its functioning.The government has maintained it has no intention of forcing the RBI's hand to do its bidding, but the opposition has said the NDA regime intends to plough into the precious reserves of the central bank in election season.PTI