Holy cow..Desi doodh is in, know the benefits!

New Delhi:  It's not just the religious sentiment which has made cow a revered animal in India since ages. Relying basically on the agrarian economy, India has always given a special status to this animal. Of late though, the animal is mired in controversy for political reasons. But that does not stop one from realising the facts of the befits of the 'desi' breed. 

Indigenous cow milk, which is A2 type,  is being hailed as the best milk for humans because of its better digestive qualities compared to the A1 milk from foreign or cross-bred cows.

Because it is lactose-tolerant and easy to digest, it is gaining much popularity. It is almost double the rate of the easily available A2 type. 

A combination of health, spiritual leanings, and that eternal quest for the good old days is motivating many to create awareness about the desi cow as many leading Milk brands are seeing a huge emerging market for the same. Demands from foreign countries have been rising of late. Compared to its cross-bred and foreign counterparts, the indigenous breed is stronger and heat-tolerant and have a better immune system. Before it is too late individual and government initiatives are needed on a war scale to save this precious breed from extinction.

It's closest to mother's milk and is easily digested by humans. However, there's no conclusive study available yet on A1 milk and if it's harmful to health. But what we have seen is that a byproduct created during the breakdown of A1 milk in our digestive tract can lead to health problems.