Hmm…Sunny Leone likes to do it with Emraan Hashmi!

New Delhi: Sunny Leone’s hot quotient has millions of admireres, Imran Hashmi’s serial kisser image has another set of fans. Now just imagine what happens when the duo sizzle on the screen.Perhaps this was in ace filmmaker Milind Luthuria’s mind when he chose the two for a special number in his forthcoming film Baadshaoo.

The hot couple shared views about each other in front of the fans though Facebook Live. It was a mutual admiration club as Sunny said,” “For most of my fans, it was unbelievable to see Emraan and me together. I got all good comments. I did not get trolled. So, thank my fans for that.”

“One of the first films I watched when I came to Bollywood was Dirty Picture, I saw you for the first time then. So, that’s always on my mind.”

And Imran says that he was very excited when he came to know that he will be working with the gorgeous Sunny Leone, “I couldn’t contain my excitement. I did a couple of jumps and my director thought I have gone mad. I have been following her work. She is very talented. The song was actually recorded way before we started shooting for the film. It was the first schedule. Milan (Luthria) told me she is going to dance with me.”

Excited Imran said that he was scared that he would step on her because he considers himself a terrible dancer. “I was tensed through the entire dance sequence. I was nervous. I have stepped on people always,” he adds.