Hmm..For Shraddha, he is the one!

Mumbai: She has never shared screen with him, but for Shraddha Kapoor is 'The Actor'. For her he is the most inspiring and socially responsible actor. Shraddha has only good things sto say about her.

Well, the actor Shraddha is talking about is Aamir Khan.During hashtag AskShraddha on Twitter, the 29-year old actress was asked to describe Aamir, 51, in one sentence.

To which she wrote, "one of the most inspiring, fearless, artistic, socially responsible person."

She not only praised Aamir but also went on to hail her "competition", as audience believes, Alia Bhatt.

When a follower wanted to know what Shraddha thinks of Alia, the "Baaghi" star quickly gave a reply and said that the 23-year-old actress is a "Pataka".

On Shah Rukh Khan, Shraddha said, he is the "King", while she feels megastar Amitabh Bachchan is "the definition of a superstar."

Varun Dhawan, who worked with Shraddha in "ABCD 2", also found mention in the actress' Q&A session.

"He's my batuk & before a coactor he is my childhood friend. There's a very special bond with him.