Hmm.. Deepika wants to have lot of babies

Noida: Deepika shocked the world on her debut Ellen appearance when she joked about romance going between her and Vin Diesel. The actress didn't stop here and said that they (she and VIn) have amazing babies, but it was part of a joke that she wants to have Vin's babies. 

But it seems in reality too she loves playing with babies, it was all revealed when Deepika was playing a game where she had to pick the chits and answer the question written on them as honestly as possible. 

One of the chits that Deepika picked up read, "The one thing I got to do before I die", to which she quickly replied, "Make lots of babies." Further on in the game, the actress was asked to reveal the weirdest rumour she had heard about herself to which the Deepika said that it was that she had skin lightening treatment done! Rubbishing the rumours, Deepika cross-questioned, "Who does that, guys?"