Hindu girl wants MUSLIM lover to become Hindu; role reversal

New Delhi, Nov 30: In a role reversal of sorts, a Hindu girl dared to ask her boyfriend a question which normally is not asked. She asked his Muslim boyfriend to convert into a Hindu if he wanted to marry her.
A major communal tension was averted which was simmering ever since a 20-year-old girl eloped with her Muslim boyfriend Mohsin Khan, who is a taxi driver. The parents complained and the police have bought back the couple back home in Jodhpur from Bikaner. But the girl has refused to go with her parents an is living with her boyfriend.
Pooja Joshi (20) said she would marry Mohsin only after he converts and becomes a Hindu. Till then she is ready to wait for him. 
A group of men gathered outside her home and raised the slogan of 'Love Jihad'. They also beat the boy and he had a narrow escape.
It remains to be seen if the boy actually converts for the girl.

News24Bureau (Pic is reprentational)