Healthy snacks, travel leaves: Incentives to keep employees happy


 New Delhi, Nov 16 (IANS) Chasing career goals at the cost of health is a passe. Organisations today have started realising the value of physical and mental health of their employees. By urging employees and taking interest in their eating and workout habits, a happy employee will always perform better at work, suggest experts.

Faisal Farooqui, Founder at Mouthshut, an online consumer review platform and Dhruv Sharma, CEO at online vacation rental portal GuestHouser, have rolled out a list:

* One breakfast, one full-service lunch and one evening snacks everyday. Takes personal interest in helping the office canteen chefs decide on the menu for breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. Employee feedback is obtained to make sure all food contains the right nutrition value and suitable to all tastes, including vegans and non-vegans.

* Encourage employees to consume as less refined sugar as possible.

* Regularly encourage employees to travel more by giving credits or other incentives and that employees get to plan leave in advance to satiate the traveller in them. Employees function to their best when they are not stressed out or worried. 

* Ensure healthy snacking campaign where fruits and salads are served free of cost to all employees to encourage them to abstain from junk food like chips or crisps. 

* Office timings can be readjusted and modified so that people get a chance to leave early in the evening and hit the gym or parks for some physical exercise and spend more time with their family.

This gives employees something beyond laptops and other benefits, that will significantly impact their lives. People spend more than half of their time at their workplaces, and hence employers are the ones who need to take care of their well-being in every possible manner. 

While the fitness levels do not affect the employee's appraisal rating, it provides them with extra motivation to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

* Make your office pet-friendly. Employees can bring in their pets to work on a regular working day without the 'conditions apply' tag attached to it.

* Try to maintain a balanced sex ratio at work, to ensure equal participation and thus equal growth opportunities.