Health alert: 10 tips for healthy life

New Delhi: Albert Schweitzer once said that, “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.” The key to happiness thus lies in good health, which takes both time and effort to build.

Although much has been said about it, the words often seem gibberish and the suggestions too complicated to be followed.

So here are ten simple steps for a healthy life:

1. Eat what you love

Giving up what you love to eat may seem to be the easiest way to lose weight but recent research proves otherwise. If you cut out all the foods you like, chances are that you won’t stick to your plan anyways.


2. Law of limited proportions

Sticking to the right proportion of the food you eat is the key to weight loss. Ensure your diet supplements all the essential components of nutrition while satiating your taste buds.


3. Dump the junk

Dump junk food from your diet and include more proteins and fibers. Pack your lunch instead of hopping on to a restaurant menu.


4. Food Vs. liquids

Juice and soda may taste better but the calories count. Switch to plain water and try getting your calories from solid food.


5. Go Mediterranean

Switching on to a Mediterranean diet might prove to be a good option. Not only because its delicious but also coz of its over all health benefits.


6. Worship water

Hunger can often make us overeat. One good way to avoid this is by drinking at least 16 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to meal. Not only will it fill your stomach but also benefit your exercise regime.


7. Sleep tight

They say that a good night’s sleep can solve all problems, and indeed it’s true. A sleep-deprived body attracts fatty-foods.


8. Say hello to breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It not only kick-starts your metabolism but also supplies you with the much needed energy.


9. Say no to mid-night snack

Meal taken after dinner takes more time to breakdown, thus contributing to weight gain.


10. Don’t ditch your meal

Going hungry can be the worst thing that you do to your body. Going without food not only deprives your body of the essential nutrients but also triggers extreme binges.

So, eat healthy & live well! 

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