HE is world's HIGHEST paid cricketer, Earns Rs 9.5 crore; Kohli at no 3

New Delhi, Dec 16: Team India captain Virat Kohli is seen in many advertisements and for these advertisements Kohli takes crores of rupees. So now you will be assuming that Virat may be the highest earning player? But you are wrong. The world's highest paid cricketer is not Virat but someone else. 

Virat comes behind Australia's Steve Smith in terms of salary. Not ONLY Virat is behind Steve but he is also behind England's Joe Root. Therefore Virat comes at no 3 in the list of highest paid cricketers in terms of salary. 

However, Virat became the only Indian to figure in the Forbes list of 100 highest paid players but this is something surprising that in terms of salary Virat falls much behind than other cricket captains in the world. 

Steve Smith earns annually  Rs 9.5 crore  which includes his match fees as well. The wages of England's cricket captain Joe Root is about Rs 9 crore while Virat Kohli will have to satisfy in just Rs 6.5 crores annually. 

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