He is 93, she is 88, a love story blossoms again! After 70 years

New Delhi: Their love story started when he was 21 and she was just 17; however, a few months after they met the two had to separate.

Now, he (Norwood Thomas) ages 93 and she (Joyce Morris) 88.

Norwood Thomas is a World War II veteran, Joyce Morris is his wartime girlfriend.

After the war ended Norwood went back to America while Joyce moved to Australia.

Both went on to marry other people, but never forget their first love.

The two struck up a friendship again last year and have been talking on Skype, reminiscing about their courtship.

Since the story of their reunion went online, readers have been donating hundreds of pounds to fund a reunion for them, reported Virginian-Pilot.

This year the duo is expected to spend Valentine's Day together.

The Virginian-Pilot reports, Norwood Thomas will travel to Adelaide, Australia, in February to reunite with Joyce Morris.

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