Har-Har Mahadev! Akshay signs film with Lord Shiva as witness

Mumbai: This king of action and stunts is known for doing things that are not common. And yes, he is outspoken too. Akshay Kumar has done something, which may be a first in Bollywood.

There is already excitement in the air about the biopic on Gulshan Kumar, Mogul. Akshay is playing the title role in this film on the music mogul. However, a formal contract was not signed between T-Series and Akshay.

Adding to the excitement, Akshay called up Bhushan Kumar and asked him to come over to Indore, where he was shooting. Reason- to sign a formal contract at the famous 300-year-old Lord Shiva temple in Maheshwar. 

Seems, Akshay wanted to make Lord Shiva a witness to a film on his devotee. Gulshan Kumar was a devout follower of Lord Shiva. 

Eventually, the agreement was signed in with Lord as a witness. “Signing my father’s biopic inside a Shiv temple was surreal. I could feel my father’s presence with me sitting there next to the idol with Akshayji. I have no words to express what I felt,” Bhushan said after the deal was signed.